Why DPC You Ask?

We’ll explain the heart and soul of our mission in detail as well as our ultra-unique strategy in helping local Minnesota families and their children.

DPC Top 10 Reasons To Give

1. Help Provide Funding for Low-Income Families Seeking K – 12 Christian Education

2. Simple, Secure, and Streamlined Online Donation Platform (Easy Donate Page)

3. Donate as Low as $1 Per Month, $12 Annually

4. Designed to NOT Disrupt Your Other Charitable Commitments

5. Designed to NOT Disrupt Your Financial Situation

6. Designed to Help Christian Schools Throughout All of MN

7. Allow People of All Financial Backgrounds to Give With Impact

8. Ripple-Effect with Students, Families, Schools, Churches, Communities…

9. 100% Mission Focused on K – 12 Christian Education Tuition Assistance

10. Investing in a Strong Christian Foundation for a Child’s Lifetime

All of the Above Good Reasons For as Little as $1 Per Month, $12 Per Year!

Dollar Per Christian is a proud, unique nonprofit designed solely to help supplement and assist low-income families in affording the gift of a K – 12 Christian Education.

Our organization went to great lengths to devise a state-of-the-art system that would be the simplest, most economical and convenient way for our donors to join the movement and play a key role in the impact of our mission. However, we were also very strategic and thoughtful in devising our unique concept in attempts to not disrupt the same schools, churches, and communities ongoing charitable efforts and successes.

Really, Only $1 Per Month?

For example, by asking a Christian donor to donate simply $1 per month to our cause, we’re confident it would not affect an existing Alumni donor donating to their specific school, or force them to choose between that donation and our $1 per month donation. We would hope that our $1 per month or $12 per year would have little to no effect on those already committed donations.

In fact, we’ve found that those same generous donors that are already contributing to a specific school with a sizable donation are also willing to give an extra $1 per month to support a larger cause. They want to help those in most need, whether in the inner-city, suburbs or outskirts rural areas. We’ve found that the strongest schools are in the more affluent areas and therefore tend to receive (through hard work of course) larger and more consistent donations from their alumni, students, parents, grandparents and the community as a whole. Those schools in poorer areas, like the inner-cities and smaller rural towns, are typically struggling to keep their doors open due to lower enrollment numbers, lower tuition commitments, and NOT due to lack of interest by families. Unfortunately, all too often these vital decisions are strictly based on tuition costs and affordability.

Everyone Can Give, Every Dollar Has Impact!

At DPC we know and understand that there are those out there who want to give, but feel as they do not have enough to make a real impact. With our easy, low $1 per month donation option, we dispel those doubts. Everyone can feel a great sense of pride in donating $1 per month, knowing the positive impact it will have on helping other families in need. In our organization, it’s made clear that EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! Every Dollar Positively Impacts Our Mission!

Simple Donor Impact Math

Our Commitment

All of us at Dollar Per Christian is committed to and believe strongly in our mission to change our world one child at a time. We hope this WHY DPC page better explains our ultra-unique, well-thought strategy and our goal to do our best in helping Christian children and their families get closer to Christ and to live Christ’s words and actions for generations to follow!

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Please contact DPC Founder, Brian Nepstad brian@dollarperchristian.org