Our Approach

How Does This Process All work?

Applications, Awards, Scholarships, Distribution, Needs-Based Criteria, Schools…?

Our system is actually quite simple. We market, solicit and collect donations all year round for our sole mission of helping low-income families afford the gift of K-12 Christian education. We award and distribute these funds once per school year (typically in April). We proudly use a trusted third party financial company which uses pre-determined criteria in determining the most in-need families throughout Minnesota to receive our funds. We also utilize this same third party company in the distribution of our scholarship awards directly to each participating school after the student has applied, been officially accepted, and has enrolled at the school.

Our Secure & Non-biased System: By setting up our system in this manner, we’ve removed all potential in-house security issues, as families’ personal & financial information is still going directly to each school or financial aid company, and NOT directly to Dollar Per Christian. We’ve also removed all potential “bias” in our award selection process by allowing the third party financial company to match and compare specific pre-determined criteria in choosing our needs-based awards.

Through research, We added an additional and somewhat unique stipulation to our award program. The families receiving our awards will always be responsible for a minimum of 10% of the annual tuition after all outside awards, grants, scholarships, and financial aid are applied, we want the awarded families to be both invested and engaged in their child’s Christian education. Our goal with this is that families actively investing in their child’s future financially, will do so with a sense of family commitment, engagement, and pride. Hopefully, bringing the entire family closer to Christ in the process.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, within our first 2 years, we are striving for a minimum of 80 – 85% of all donations going directly to our mission cause, while 15-20% going directly to daily operating costs. With that being said, our ultimate strategy is to successfully obtain corporate sponsorships by our 3rd year in funding our nonprofit’s daily operational and marketing costs, thus ultimately striving for 100% of donations going directly to our mission cause.


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