Our Impact

At Dollar Per Christian, our mission is to have a major positive impact that will ripple on for generations of Christians.

During our first 3 full years of existence, we have an aggressive goal of directly impacting up to 700 students and their families throughout the entire state of Minnesota. That aggressive goal is based upon our simple donor impact math of just 3% of Christians in Minnesota donating only $1 per month (That’s only $12 annually). Once we’ve reached our goal of 700 students, now, with our simplified “no-touch” reoccurring 1x per year $12 donation from our donors, we will be able to maintain helping over 700 students each YEAR! Just imagine the long-lasting impact we could help be a part of, and for only “pocket change” per month!

Due to our high impact,  Full-Circle, Ripple Effect Strategy, we know that more than just our scholarship students will be positively impacted by our efforts. We’re convinced the awarded families, student-bodies, teachers, schools, churches, and communities will feel the direct positive effects of our God-driven mission through each student we help.

How can only $1 per month possibly make a difference? See below “impact” math, you’ll be amazed!!!

The Power of $1

The Power Of Collective Giving $1 Per Month!

“Our mission has been referred to as a CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT!” With our simplified growth, we’ll become well-recognized and stronger throughout our Christian communities. As a mission-driven nonprofit we are striving daily to become the #1 streamlined, affordable, trusted platform for Christians to proudly and easily help fellow Christians across our land.

Website Launch YEAH!!!

We are not in this for the short term. We have our sights set on creating a strong, viable resource for Christians to both utilize and give to for decades, if not centuries to come. Our plan is for Dollar Per Christian, a Unified Christian Giving Platform, to become a household name associated solely with helping ALL children interested in receiving the magnificent gift of a private K–12 Christian education, and have the opportunity to experience all that this Godly experience has to offer!

As we begin to officially award student scholarships, we will be posting personal stories, success stories, photos, and testimonials right here on this page. We are excited and anxiously waiting for both the awards process and followup to witness first-hand the impact we are having right here in Minnesota.

At Dollar Per Christian, we unequivocally believe that our children are our future. Children of today are the next generation of Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Politicians, Clergy, Volunteers, Coaches, Mechanics, Tradesmen, Attorneys, First Responders, Parents, Grandparents, Missionaries, Inventors, Programmers, Entrepreneurs, and more

We are 100% confident that a solid Christian foundation assisted by K-12 Christian education will help make the world a better place for generations to come.


We think our Mission is awesome! But soon you won’t have to just take our word for it. We will be updating this section continuously as awards and scholarships are given, and new family and student testimonials come in. Help us fill this section with wonderful testimonials by signing up for our movement today and making it all possible for these families in need!

Contact us to share your testimonial today.