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What makes Dollar Per Christian Different or Unique?

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Can I only donate $1 per month, $12 annually, or can I donate more?

Once you get to our donation page you will notice other options for donations, for simplification reason, we show the impact of just $1 per month from only 3% of all Christians in Minnesota. We would love for families to take it upon themselves consider donating $1 per month, $12 per year, per family member if possible (ie. Family of 4, Husband, Wife, Son & Daughter could donate $4 per month, $48 per year in just a total 2 minutes of their time). All donations welcome in helping us advance our movement & mission.

Are Donations Made Public in Any Way?

No. Your data collected from your Dollar Per Christian donation is not made public. We provide each donor with an emailed Thank You and Digital Receipt for donors records and potential tax write-off purposes. Your data is not shared or sold.

How much of each dollar donated goes directly towards the cause?

Great question & we’re glad you asked. As an approved 501c3 nonprofit organization, within 2 years we are striving for 80% – 85% of all donations going directly to our mission cause, while 15% – 20% would be going directly to daily operating costs. With that being said, our ultimate strategy is to successfully obtain corporate sponsorship(s) by year 3 in completely funding our nonprofit’s daily operational & marketing costs, thus ultimately striving for 100% of donations going directly to our mission cause.

Do Awarded/Scholarship Kids Go For Free?

No. Through research, We added an additional and somewhat unique stipulation to our award program. The families receiving our awards will always be responsible for a minimum of 10% of the annual tuition after all outside awards, grants, scholarships, and financial aid are applied, we want the awarded families to be both invested and engaged in their child’s Christian education. Our goal with this is that families actively investing in their child’s future financially, will do so with a sense of family commitment, engagement, and pride. Hopefully, bringing the entire family closer to Christ in the process.

Can I apply for a scholarship directly with Dollar Per Christian?

No. Dollar Per Christian does not take student applications directly. Dollar Per Christian partners with schools where you may be applying too, and those schools qualify you on pre-determined needs-based criteria. So, again your application process would flow through your individual school per usual for acceptance to that school and apply for potential financial aid or additional assistance.

Can I choose the specific school I’d like my donation to go to?

No. Our donors can choose your preferred Christian denomination for your donation, but due to our scholarships being awarded on a need-based criteria platform, scholarships will be awarded to those most in need based upon your selection. This is why we’ve carefully crafted a low dollar donation platform so donors could still continue to donate to there alumni school or school of choice, as well as $1 per month to our unified mission at Dollar Per Christian.

How are scholarships awarded?

Dollar Per Christian uses a trusted independent third party financial firm to both evaluate and distribute funds. All awarded funds will be distributed directly to the participating school on behalf of the awarded student.

How much is the average awarded scholarship?

Though research, our organization determined that a large pre-determined scholarship award of $2,000 would create the most opportunity for those families needing assistance along with additional school and outside funding they may also receive.

Do families have to re-apply every year?

Yes, as schools automatically require families re-apply to the school each year for review and enrollment projections, families seeking financial assistance will need to re-apply with their latest financial records for the annual review process in awarding a scholarship each year.

Do students have to be Christian to receive your scholarship awards?

No. Our awards are based on needs-based criteria and are awarded directly to the participating Christian schools on your behalf, once the student has been accepted and officially enrolled at that school.

Please, explain again how only $1 per month can even make a difference?

OK, currently, there are over 4 Million Christians in Minnesota. We’ve set what we think is a very attainable and low goal of getting just 3% of those 4 Million Christians to join our movement and donate a minimum of $1 per month.  Our Simple Math & Donor Impact: 3% of 4 Million = 120,000 Christian Donors. 120,000 donors x $12 per year = $1.44 Million Dollars. At $2,000 per awarded scholarship, we could easily help over 700 Students Per Year! Again, that just at 3%, imagine 6% – 10%!

Are my donations Tax Deductible?

Dollar Per Christian is an IRS officially approved 501c3 Nonprofit Organization. Donations to our organization would qualify as tax-deductible according to IRS 501c3 standards, but we recommend checking with your personal tax professional. We automatically provide donors with proper documentation with their donation receipt for tax deduction purposes.

Why Donate to Dollar Per Christian?

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I am a Business or Corporation, How do I go about Sponsoring or Donating to Your Mission?

You can contact our Founder directly about corporate and business sponsorships or donations at he would be happy to assist you. Dollar Per Christian being a Christian Nonprofit, we receive zero in government funding, therefore we are in need of corporate funds in assisting us with daily operations and marketing of our mission. Sponsors and Donors could either be celebrated publically by Dollar Per Christian or remain anonymous, it’s their choice.