About Us

With God’s Grace, we’re helping to make private Christian K-12 education an affordable opportunity for everyone. Our entire organization, mission, strategy, and vision were built on simplicity, low $1 donations and maximum impact.

Dollar Per Christian helps low-income families throughout the entire state of Minnesota, by providing tuition assistance when they are actively seeking a private K–12 education for their children. Our simple, yet powerful program helps families most in need, whether in the inner cities, suburbs, or rural outskirts of our state.

Dollar Per Christian is a unique organization in the fact that we are perfectly streamlined to make a large impact, while only seeking minimal dollar amount donations (as low as $1 per month) and minimal effort from a small percentage of the total number of Christians throughout our entire state. Our strategy is a full-circle, ripple effect strategy that will foster, strengthen, and build a life-long Christian foundation for our kids, families, schools, churches, and communities as a whole, for many generations to follow.

The Challenge

Christian K-12 Schools are completely independent of the US government, therefore zero tax dollars are given to Christian Schools. All funds used in helping these schools survive are self-generated through tuition costs, fundraising, private foundations, private grants, financial aid, and nonprofit award scholarships provided by organizations like ours. It really is a community effort.

Taking Action

We have spent hundreds of hours developing a streamlined system that would allow Christians to easily help fellow Christians without much effort and without disrupting their own financial situation or existing charitable giving commitment.

For as little as $1 per month, $12 annually, and just 2 minutes of your time, YOU can make a huge difference today!

Who We Are

We are a highly focused Minnesota based 501c3 Christian nonprofit organization, committed to reducing financial roadblocks many low-income families face when seeking a Christian education for their children. We’ve strategically designed a streamlined platform removing the hassles, excuses, time constraints, and financial burdens to our donors with our absurdly low $1 per month donation option, easily completed in less than 2 minutes of our donors time! Please if you want to help, stop procrastinating & Join the Movement today!

Our staff & board powers our mission and vision in some pretty amazing ways. We wouldn’t accomplish anything without their energy, dedication, talent and sole focus on helping ALL Children and their families get closer to Christ.

Dollar Per Christian is an officially approved 501c3 Nonprofit Organization.