Dollar Per Christian Students

Help Minnesota Kids For Only $1 Per Month!


VIDEO: Minnesota’s own Matt Birk (Former NFL Player) explains our simple, yet powerful Christian mission in helping kids in Minnesota.

Without additional assistance, many low-income families in Minnesota desiring a Christian education for their children are unable to afford the tuition. With God’s grace and your help, we’re bridging the funding gap in making Christian K-12 education an affordable opportunity for ALL families interested.

For just $1 per month, we can easily help solve this problem for many Minnesota families and their children.

Helping Low-Income Families

DPC's Impact on Local Kids

So Simple, Yet So Powerful! Building a solid Christian foundation for a lifetime for as many children as possible. DPC helps provide low-income families with the tuition assistance needed to attend K-12 Christian schools.

Serving Minnesota


Dollar Per Christian (A MN 501c3 Nonprofit) is committed to helping those families most in need, whether in the inner-cities, suburbs or rural outskirts of Minnesota. We are committed to helping families throughout our entire beautiful state.

Full Circle Strategy

Full-Circle Strategy

Your donations don’t just help families afford tuition for a Christian school. It plays a vital role in our churches, communities, and provides a continuous, full-circle positive effect spanning generations.

Changing the World One Child at a Time!

Building a stronger Christian foundation for a lifetime

Helping the Next Generation of Strong, Proud Minnesota Christians.

Our platform has been specifically created with the sole mission in helping kids of low-income families afford the opportunities of a Christian K-12 education and not be limited or denied based on their parents' income level or ability to earn. At DPC we strongly believe that ALL children deserve the opportunity to receive the magnificent gift of K-12 Christian education. Therefore, we've devised a simple solution for everyone involved! We know many of you don't have the extra time and are already donating elsewhere, we also know many of you do not have extra funds just lying around...So We Made It Easy & Cheap To Help Other Fellow MN Christians!

It Will Only Take You 1 to 2 minutes of your time and some monthly pocket change, it's that easy!

We feel that Dollar Per Christian is your best value at only $1 per month for local impact and mission giving, thus we've thoughtfully designed our platform as to not interfere with your existing charitable giving commitments.

Simple Donor Impact Math

Do You Have 1 Minute + $1 To Help?

It takes a village." We believe that's a tried and true adage we should all adhere to. DPC has designed such a simple, yet powerful program that makes it easy for Christians, just like yourself, to help fellow MN Christians in providing the gift of Christ in the classroom. Together, we ARE the village, a strong and faithful village!

Check out the simple + proven math behind our Unified Christian Giving Strategy of only $1 Per MONTH, it's pretty AMAZING!

Donate Now It's Super Easy!

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